Free Shipping Requirements Update

For recent changes in Japan Post, we will no longer be able to offer economical shipping methods.

To be eligible for Free Shipping you need to make a minimum purchase of 100USD of iBloom items.

Your order can be shipped via EMS (Express Mail Service) or DHL.

8 thoughts on “Free Shipping Requirements Update

    • Squishy Japan says:

      Hello Rahmat Manaf!

      Yes, worldwide shipping via express shipping methods 🙂 All you have to do to be eligible is to buy at least 100USD of IBloom squishies 😉

      Squishy Japan

    • Squishy Japan says:

      Hello Habby!
      We ship worldwide. You can place your order in our shop, the shipping fee is calculated in the shopping cart, purchases over 10,000yen have free shipping via DHL.

  1. Jen says:

    The total of the order is $145 I haven’t officially purchased it because I have a question. It saids that it’s DHL free shipping but I have to pay $32 CAD for it to be shipped to me. How can I change it to the regular shipping? If so how?

    • Squishy Japan says:


      This news is from 2018, changes in our international shipping offer has changed due to Covid-19.
      You need to buy 10.000yen to get free shipping via DHL. We are only shipping via DHL due to the pandemic.
      Please note that any customs fee is entirely the customer’s responsibility, as stated at checkout.

      Also, make sure your order total is not the sum of the total items + the total shipping amount. The subtotal of the items must be equal to or greater than 10.000yen. $145 – $32 shipping fee = $113 (9510yen)

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